Underwater Settlement (海底集落, Kaitei Shūraku, Seabed Village) is an area accessed from the Underwater.

Inside the Houses
Underwater Massacre
Underwater Settlement

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The Underwater Settlement is a small village with several NPCs. A sandy wall surrounds the settlement. Inside the wall are several buildings and a number of pillars. There are several NPCs walking around as well as two guitarists.

In the southeast part of the settlement, there is a building you can enter. Inside, there are two mannequin stands with shirts that Sabitsuki can change into. Equipping an effect will change Sabitsuki back into her default clothes. There is also another guitarist in the dressing room.

Killing all of the NPCs (both outside and in the dressing room) activates the Underwater Massacre event.

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Trivia Edit

  • This area is only accessible in Version 0.192
  • The NPCs in this area are the same ones that can be found in the Starry Pier and Hell.