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The Sugar Hole is the name of a bar that features various gas masked maids. This area is accessible from both the Sewers and the Apartments (second one).

Points of InterestEdit

Front AreaEdit

The front area features a gas masked maid behind a counter, as well as four seats. There is a man in black in the frontmost seat drinking; he will give yen if he is hit with the iron pipe.

If Sabitsuki sits two seats away from the man and interacts with the maid, she can order a cup of tea for 100¥, or a cake for 300¥. Eating at the bar often will allow Sabitsuki to obtain the Sugar Menu and gain access to the Tea Room.

Though inaccessible by normal means, by using the Cat effect, Sabitsuki can walk under the counter and get access to the back area. Entering the doorway directly across from the Sewers entrance will bring you to the City Coast.

Occasionally, a Kaibutsu can be found sitting in a fifth seat and drinking. Hitting him will trigger the Bar Kaibutsu event.

Back AreaEdit

The entrance from the Apartments features four empty tables, some plants in the corner, and a young girl in black walking aimlessly (not to be confused with the black haired girls). Entering the door to the right takes you to the Barren Street.

Entering the top room will lead to a smaller room with two tables, a single plant in the left corner, and a gas masked maid. Interacting with the painting behind the maid will take you inside the Rusted Painting.



  • This may have been a place that Sabitsuki visited frequently in the past.
  • Going off of version 0.16, this may have been the first place she was taken to after leaving the hospital.