The Smile Menu is one of five obtainable menus in .flow.

How to Obtain Edit

After Sabitsuki obtains the Iron Pipe, she can hit Smile with the pipe in the Slum area, which makes him cackle and grant you the menu.

Note that this is not possible with Rust, as the menu requires the Iron Pipe Effect; upon becoming Rust, all effects are unusable.

Appearance Edit

The smile menue

The Smile menu

The borders are solid red and are speckled with a dark pink. The top-left and bottom-right corners have little mini eyes that possibly represent Smile's eyes, set apart the length of the border. The other corners have a shadowed effect near to where the two borders have "crossed." The text has a pink gradient with a crimson shadow effect. The selecting border has two hammers with one upside down on either side.