Shinsoku Neko is a "Family Game" found on a console in Sabitsuki's room. The game's graphics greatly resemble the 8-bit styles on NES and Famicom games. The title Shinsoku Neko translates to "godspeed cat" in Japanese.

Gameplay Edit

The game's playable character is a black cat with red eyes whose objective is to catch any fish and seahorses that pass through the screen. Each fish is worth 10 points. Seahorses give a changing amount of points starting at 1 point, getting multiplied by the power of 2 on every successful hit. For each hit you first get 1 point, then 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 and so on. Unlike fish, which disappear upon being catched, seahorses bounce away from the player after every being hit. Shinsoku Neko has three hearts; one heart is lost if a fish or seahorse reaches the far left of the screen, and the game ends if all of the hearts are depleted.

Controls Edit

Arrow Keys to move around the map.

Z/Spacebar/Enter to catch.

X/C/V/B/N/Escape to dash.