Rusted Painting

The Rusted Painting is an area accessed by interacting with the painting in the back room of the Sugar Hole.

Points of InterestEdit

The Rusted Painting is a barren looping area. The ground is completely brown/dirt with pools of blood and gore around the area. Rusted and/or bloody pipes can be seen sticking out of the ground.

Roughly north-east of where you're teleported, there's a Gas-Masked Maid standing at the top of a path of blood. There is a chainsaw in the ground to her left. Interacting with the chainsaw gives you the Dharma effect.

Enraged Kaibutsu also wander this area. Getting caught will send you to an inescapable area. There's a door about south-east of where you're initially teleported that'll take you back to the Sugar Hole.