The Rust Corridor is the final area of .flow. It is accessed by finding all three empty boxes as Rust.

When in flow, take the elevator. When you exit, you are in a white corridor, very similar to the hospital. When you continue traveling down the hall, Red Demons will attack.

The corridor will begin to get more bloody and corrupted as you continue on. The more the red demons attack, the more bloody and decayed Rust will become. Eventually, the corridor looks a lot like that of the Flesh walls world with strange white things growing out of the floor.

The final door is where Demon Sabitsuki is. You have to kill her to wittness the final ending.


  • You have to clear this area whenever you want to see the true ending.
  • Rust's theme plays in this area.
    • You can hear a heartbeat in the last room, and the pitch is much slower.

Theories Edit

  • It probably represent's Sabitsuki's or Rust's core, due to the final room resembling a body, and Demon Sabitsuki in the room after it.