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Rust ( Sabi?) is the second player character of .flow, available after collecting and dropping all 24 effects in the first half of the game. Whether Rust is some other form of Sabitsuki or another entity altogether is unknown. Unlike Sabitsuki, Rust cannot use effects, but she can access previously inaccessible areas to collect Empty Boxes and achieve the game's True Ending.

While playing as Rust, the world undergoes many small changes, certain events become available while others are lost, and the Kaibutsu are replaced by Fetuses.


Rust greatly resembles Sabitsuki, wearing the same outfit and the same short, shaggy white hair. However, she seems to be less healthy, going by her paler skin, and her clothing is darker, more wrinkled, and more detailed. Her reflection in the Sweet Sugar Hotel shows her covered in blood. When Rust comes into contact with Fetuses, she is injured, first bleeding from the head before her body begins to gradually break down, revealing what may be another Fetus underneath.

Rust falling apart as she takes damage


  • Rust, in later stages of damage, looks a lot like Demon Sabitsuki, and they actually share a spritesheet.
  • In lolrust's commentary of .flow on youtube, it is said that Rust is closer to Sabitsuki's true self.[1]


  • Fans often speculate that Rust is a) a manifestation of Sabitsuki's disease, or b) an entirely separate being.