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Psychedelic Streets

Psychedelic Town (サイケデリック街, AKA "Psychedelic Streets") is an area with neon signs and flashing lights, which is inhabited mostly by black creatures, several of which hold signs directing where to go.

The area starts with the Psychedelic Town Harbor (サイケデリック街港) , where traffic cones block the way. The starting area of the contains the entrance to the Rainbow Maze and a black creature with a sign pointing to the next area, the street.

When arriving to the street, the player will see tall buildings with illuminated windows and turquoise/pink neon signs. By going through a wide passage of two buildings and being between two turquoise, one will be taken to the actual town.

By going through a narrow passage to the right, one will find the entrance to the Sewers.

The town is a stark contrast the Harbor. The Town is a black area with buildings that have turquoise and pink neon outlines.

A lot of black creatures walk around the place, some of them stand near the buildings and hold pink neon signs with hearts on them. Other signs, with red and yellow, are placed at some spots of the town.

Many of these signs are placed directly below Sweet Sugar

By going north on the path and left of Sweet Sugar, with turquoise outline, the player will arrive to two blocks that lead to the Rainbow Flower Event by going between the middle of them

By coming through the Rainbow Maze, the player can arrive at the rooftops. The turqoise and pink creatures will transport you to other rooftops. One of these creatures will give the psychedelic effect

Trivia Edit

  • Sweet Sugar is only accessible building in this area