Underwater Path
Ghost Garden

The Plant World (植物, Shokubutsu, Plant, aka "Ghost Garden") is one of four worlds accessible from The Nexus.

Points of Interest Edit

As the name suggests, this world is populated with ghosts and flowers. Swaying white flowers can be seen all around the area, along with blue glowing plants.

There are numerous round grey and white ghosts here who do not move. Many orb and wisp-like ghosts wander the world as well.

The Watering Can effect can be found in this world. It can be gotten by interacting with the Ghost girl carrying a watering can.

Underwater can be reached by going south-east of the entrance and going between two sandy pillars.

Trivia Edit

  • This world has a similar name to the Plant effect; this is not to be confused with the Plant Labyrinth, where said effect is found.

Theories Edit

  • One could postulate that this area is a stand in for a burial ground, with the presence of flowers and ghosts.
  • One theory suggests that the background image and some of the NPCs resemble white blood cells and platelets (comparison best viewed here).

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