Plant Pathway
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Plant Labyrinth (Past) is an area similar to the Plant Labyrinth but, unlike the latter, there are plant children and the flora is different.

To get to this area, one can touch the flowers in the Industrial Snow World, unblocking a path, or go through the Hospital, by entering a room with a monitor with flowers on either side of it. However, getting here through the Snow World is a one-way trip.

One can obtain the Plant effect here by interacting with a large flower, and obtain the Flower Menu by interacting with a scarecrow.

Trivia Edit

  • This place is generally assumed to be an area from the past due encountering Little Sabitsuki here.

Theories Edit

  • Because one goes through the hospital to access this place and the abundance of plant children, one could there was some sort of treatment involving herbs, either as an alternative or along the way.
    • Alternatively or in line with the above, one theory suggests that this was a hospital ward overrun with plants.