Oreko (オレ子) is a small barefoot girl wearing a orange diving helmet and a light brown dress. She is found in the underwater area and when interacted with, she gives Sabitsuki the Diving Helmet effect and the Orange Menu. Oreko is usually found inside her house working on a rather large machine or standing in the corner. While she is working on the machine she can not be interacted with. She may also be found outside wandering around her house area.

Oreko is also seen in other areas. She can be seen floating in a tank in the Industrial Maze and also holding hands with a bloody Sabitsuki.

To obtain the Orange Menu, you must raise Oreko's Friendship Meter to 30 points or higher by interacting with her.

Trivia Edit

  • The Ore in her name comes from the Japanese word Orēnji (オレンジ), meaning "orange". Ko (子) is the Kanji character for "child" and is a common ending Kanji for girls' names in Japan.
  • There is a version of her found in the game without her helmet, and is found in the Alleyway hospital in one of the rooms. She has brown hair and can be seen sitting on a bed with her legs dangling off the side.
  • If you use the iron pipe to kill the Oreko inside the tank in the Industrial Maze, the hospital Oreko will be lying motionless on her bed instead of sitting up and swinging her legs.

Theories Edit

  • Fans speculate that Oreko could be someone that Sabitsuki somewhat knew in the hospital, and was also her first friend based on the version we see of her in the hospital.
  • There is another theory going that Oreko also could've possibly been Sabitsuki's imaginary friend when she was little.

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