The Orange Menu is one of the five obtainable menus in .flow.

How to Obtain Edit


'Ghost' Oreko

The menu is obtained by increasing the Friendship Meter to 30 points or higher. Once this is done, Sabitsuki can enter the Machine Room portion of the Starry Pier and move diagonally (toward the upper left) from the entrance to reach a "ghost" Oreko. Interact with Oreko and, upon being transported to a pier, navigate to the bottom. Oreko will now be floating a distance away from the pier's edge; interact with her at the end of the pier to get the menu.

Appearance Edit


Orange Menu

The borders are brown and spiked toward the inside of the rim, with the outer portion being bumped. There are orange glowing dots rimmed on the inside of the border. The top-left and bottom-right corners have larger glowing circles (the inner portion yellow and the outer portion orange), while the other corners are slightly smaller. The text has a yellow-to-orange gradient.