Neon World

Neon World (音楽, Ongaku, Music) is one of four worlds accessible via The Nexus.

Points of Interest Edit

This area is filled with brightly colored tiles which make a beeping sound when Sabitsuki walks on them. It is populated by music- themed creatures such as music notes, synthesizers, jukeboxes, and many objects also have music notes on them.

The Headphones effect can be found here. To find it go slightly right from the door then north. Interact with the Music Goddess.

South-east from the Neon World's entrance are two objects in the middle of several structures. Going between these objects takes you to the Heart Tiled Path.

Roughly north of the teleporter is a small wall with a hole in it. If you have the Cat Effect, you can enter the hole where an NPC that takes you Rusty Pier stands.

Trivia Edit

  • This area looks similar to the neon world from Yume Nikki
  • One of the Kaibutsu traps you in an area here with a box. If you examine it, all the NPCs change to the same box.
  • Some of the tiles are arranged in patterns, like hands that form in two areas, as well as arrows.


  • This world may represent Sabitsuki's interest in music. This area has a music motif and the Headphones effect (which can play notes) is gotten here.
    • Alternatively, this world may represent happier times

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