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The Hospital Maze is an area accessible from the Heart Tiled Path.

Points of InterestEdit

The Hospital Maze is a small area that is built like a maze with similar looking cross-road hallways. The rooms contain heart moniter machines and IV drips. Blood spatters can be seen on the floor of the rooms and in the hallways.

Entering the doorway from the first room takes you to a narrow crossroad splitting off in four directions. Going down the hallway with the most blood spatters on it will take you to a room with several machines and blood spatters around a doorway. Going through the door will take you to the Bone Maze.

In the crossroads, if you pick the hallway with the least blood spatters on it three times, you'll be taken to a different room. This room contains a bed and a broken machine on the floor. Interacting with the screen on the wall will take you to Underwater.

It is not to be confused with the Alleyway Hospital which is in a completely different area.



  • Based on the size it's likely this was a smaller hospital when compared to the Alleyway Hospital and perhaps the first hospital Sabitsuki visited.
  • Considering all the halls here look the same giving it the maze-like appearance, one could refer that when Sabitsuki was hospitalized, the doctors constantly carted her around trying to diagnose or cure her disease. The plain white walls all looked the same as they ran in circles looking for an answer.
    • Eventually she may have been carted off to a different hospital (the Alleyway Hospital) which may explain why both of these hospital areas are so apart from each other but similar in purpose.