Hell is an area reachable by interacting with the guillotine in the Prison.

Points of InterestEdit

This area is a island surrounded by water with several winding and broken pathways. Pink spikes and red spikes appear popping out of the ground.

The water is a muddy red. Hands can be seen reaching up from the water. Small flames can be seen around this area.

The Prison teleporter places you on the top-left part of the island. The guillotine stays, with a decapitated Sabitsuki head laying in front of it. You can't return to the Prison from this place.

South-east of the guillotine is an NPC sitting near the water. Interacting with them will take you to the Starry Pier.

In Starry Pier, if you go off the left side of the platform you're on, you'll reach a smaller version of Hell, where there's a smoldering corpse and the same NPC who'll take you back if you interact with them again.

There is also a small but secluded island here , which is accessible by falling off the Starry Pier. Once on the island, the player can interact with another dark grey creature to be ttransported back to the Pier, unless the layer has killed Oreko, in which case, this creature will instead teleport Sabitsuki to another Hell island. This island contains several lying corpses and flames, and it is only possible to leave using Arms effect or by waking up.

If the Hell is visited by Rust, there are two Fetuses wandering around on the main island.

Trivia Edit

  • The guillotine with the severed head might be reference to Yume Nikki's Severed Head Effect

Theories Edit

  • One theory suggests that Sabitsuki was taught or came to believe one would be sent to hell as punishment for their bad deeds in life.
  • A second theory suggests that Sabitsuki had committed some wrong (a crime or otherwise) and that she feels so guilty that she imagines herself being imprisoned and executed for it.
  • Given the presence of the guillotine inside the prison, it's speculated to be Sabitsuki's hospital, and nearby is the Machine effect, this could symbolize her emotional death from being bedridden for so long, or continuously "flowing" and repeating.