Red Eye World

Dysmorphic World (奇形, Kikei, Malformation, AKA "Red Eye World") is a world accessible from The Nexus.

Points of Interest Edit

This is a world where many monstrous abstractions dot the landscape. As the name suggests, the scenery features pale, grotesque figures, many of which sport gaping mouths, empty eye sockets, or wide, yellow eyes. There are many smears of blood on the floor around these figures, and the background of the world features a huge, crudely-drawn red eye.

This world houses the Mono Eye effect, which can be found by examining an eyeball lying on the ground north-east from the entrance.

The Footprint Path can be reached from this world by walking through a pair of arms north-east of the entrance.

Sabitsuki can walk into the mouth of one of the creatures that has a random chance of appearing here to access the Corrupted school.

Trivia Edit

  • When playing as Rust, the Erosion counter is set on a random number between 2 and 5, increasing the chances of triggering the Corrupted School, however, instead of Kaibutsu, she'll be chased by three fetuses.

Theories Edit

  • Sabitsuki may have a body dysmorphic disorder or is fixated on particular flaw she has (perceived or otherwise) , since an entire world of her mental landscape exclusively dedicated to a deformity theme.
    • This is supported by the entrance to the Corrupted School being here, an event where Sabitsuki is chased throughout the school. This might represent how she was bullied for any difference.
    • Since this world's background features a huge red eye, and Sabitsuki gets an effect here that gives her a single huge red eye, it might be possible that her eyes are red, and she considers that to be her flaw.

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